Just a Word: Family

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Family. It’s just a word. However, this word invokes so many emotions and feelings, and evokes legacy.

Family is an emotion: a connection to others that brings us together in good times and in hard times. The emotion of family can bring tears of joy and sorrow. It can be the laughter from the deepness of your soul or tears from loss of a loved one or a relationship.

Family is a feeling of warmth like a hot apple pie in the fall. It is that special feeling of your mom stroking your head when you had a fever. Your dad telling you he is proud of you. It is a grandparent giving you a wink as they pass you an extra cookie. Family is your siblings pushing you around, but always covering your back. The feeling of family is a desire to reach into the heart and soul of others—not for yourself, but for them. Family brings strength, honor and reconciliation.

Family is a legacy: the stories of ancient youth, the encouragement to succeed above the struggles of your elders, the hope of a bright future because of the path the family has paved. Legacy is looking through the family Bible and seeing the births, deaths and marriages. A family legacy is looking at the faded pictures of long departed people you never knew. Still, they had a name, they loved and toiled and provided for you to be a family. Someday, you will be a faded picture. Your memory may be dusty but, someday, someone will mention your name because you were family.

John Thrower
The Family Vision