Just a Word: Vision

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Vision. Just a word. Vision: the ability to see; foresight, imagining how things should be; something that is beautiful.

Vision is the ability to see what is before you now. It is the reality of life and of that which causes us to act. When you see the way before you clearly, you have unlimited vision. When you cannot see the car next to you on the highway, your field of vision is limited or impeded. In both cases the vision is now. How we see it is what matters.

Vision is foresight: looking down the road to a place you cannot see. You know there is a destination, but it is in the future—maybe just a minute, half an hour, or even thirty years down the road. Foresight is the way we live our lives. We do not see the end, but we see the way we want to go. We raise our children with foresight, a vision of where we want them to be in five years, ten or twenty years. Planning, plodding, and praying—still with foresight. God directs our path, yet our vision allows us to see His path.

Vision is beauty. Today I can experience the beauty of colors, of grandeur, of complexity or simplicity—still it is beauty. Our life is filled with beauty. A blooming bush is beauty, a flowering tree is beauty, a faded leaf of autumn is beauty, and the barrenness of winter is beauty. How we use our heart, mind and soul determines our vision.

John Thrower
The Family Vision