Just a Word: Faithfully

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Faithfully: just a word.

Faithfully:  trust, confidence, steadfastness. To remain loyal to truth.

Faithfully is gaining trust. The trustworthiness of our actions gives us the opportunity to present confidence in truth. Faithfully is never wavering. It is being who we are and what we are in all situations.

Faithfully is being steadfast. The waves of disappointment, discouragement, and distress will pummel us. Jesus gave us the example of a house built on a rock and another built on sand. The one on sand failed and was destroyed. It was not faithfully built. The one on the rock withstood the violent storm and wind. It was built faithfully on a solid rock. It withstood the storm—not because of the house structure, but because of the steadfast rock.

Faithfully is loyalty. Do you know a loyal friend? If you do, you have someone who will faithfully stand with you. Loyalty is a quality to possess. In marriage, faithfully committing for life is expressing loyalty. Loyalty to truth means to be a faithful friend, parent and spouse. Focus on living faithfully to those in your life.  You will be glad you did.

John Thrower
The Family Vision