Just a Word: Equipping

Look out for this new feature every Wednesday!

Equipping: just a word.

Equipping: providing what is needed to carry out a particular purpose or function.

Equipping is providing the necessary materials or skills to achieve a greater purpose. At TFV we are committed to providing books and DVDs and other materials to help one to be equipped in standing for God’s truth and going forward in helping others know God’s truth.

Equipping is more than just providing tools. It is also casting a vision for a greater work. Each of us is unique. We have different likes, personality and skills. The folks I connect with are different than the ones you connect with. Even then, I want to equip myself and others with a dream of a greater tomorrow based on God’s plan for each of us.

Equipping understands. We are a multifaceted community. We do not all think the same (I am glad for that). We do not all look the same (happier for that 🙂 ). We experience conflict and we experience oneness. In all of this we are equipping ourselves to reach into another’s life by being equipped with the preparation of the life changing Gospel.

Today, carry out the equipping you are gifted with. Help someone to fulfill their purpose in God’s world.


John Thrower

The Family Vision