Just a Word: Generations

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Generation: just a word.

Generation: a period of time, 25-30 years, roughly corresponding to the age of parents when their children are born. Producing or being produced.

Generations (plural): not just now for our children, but for our children’s children, and for their children to come. TFV is committed to generations. What we do today will impact our children, grandchildren, great- and even great-great-grandchildren. Forward thinking is required. The difficulties of today are not to be compared to the hope and joy of tomorrow.

Generations: looking backward. Who were your ancestors? What did they do? Do you have pictures of them? Do you ever think about your lineage? Generations is not about now; it is about past, present and future. Point backward, point upward, and point outward. We are the people and the space in time for 100 years or more in the future.

Generations: producing or being produced. Thinking of who I am, what I am, who will follow me, and whether I can be followed—difficult questions for sure. Yet today, we are each producing. We are producing fruit, offspring, progeny, legacy—pointing to eternity. Through faith in Jesus, I want to produce, in my small way, generations that will be strong in faith, strong in compassion and strong in family. Generations!

Today, commit to living a legacy life for multi-generations.

John Thrower
The Family Vision