Just a Word: Sight

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Sight: just a word.

Sight: the power of seeing; the act of seeing; a way of considering something in one’s own mind.

Sight: the power of seeing. Power in that we can look at our surroundings. We can experience the dark from the light. We can judge distance by sight. Life is full of sight and necessary. It is so often taken for granted. I wear glasses. I need my glasses for sight; without them my vision is blurry and diminished. My mother was blind in one eye since a four-year-old child. She lived in fear of losing her other eye. She wanted to see; she wanted to experience a life of sight. She recognized that sight is power.

Sight: the act of seeing. It is accepted as a fact for most of us. We open our eyes with the daylight and close them with the fall of night. It is an act. We hear a sound and we look at the direction hoping to clarify what we heard. An eyewitness is one that will trust his or her judgement based on the act of seeing. There is an expression, “seeing is believing.” It is the act that we use as proof of life and truth.

Sight: how we consider something in our own minds. Have you ever said “how I see it”? Have you ever made a scenario in your own mind of what happened in a situation? We all have. We see what we want to see. We believe what we want to. Sight of the mind and conscience comes from God. Our eyes can deceive us. God’s Word leads us into truth and life and sight. Jesus opened the eyes of the blind—not just physically but also spiritually.

Seek God’s sight; seek His insight; look into His foresight.

John Thrower
The Family Vision