Just a Word: Sound

Look out for this feature every Wednesday!

Sound: just a word.

Sound: the sensation when the brain interprets within the ear caused by vibrations within the ear or the ability to hear.

Sound: the power of hearing. Sound is a most advanced aspect of our life from which we experience hearing. The vibration of small bones within our ear canal produces an interpretation to our brain of the vibrations into a recognizable sound. This gift of sound and hearing is important. I can hear an alarm, a kitten purring, a whisper, a clang, a thunderstorm or a soft breeze. The sounds we hear teach us about the world around us.

Sound: leaves an impression on our life. I heard the sound of my first child crying as a newborn. It was unmistakable, and I still react when I hear a baby cry. I look into the sky when I hear an airplane; I pull over to the side of the road when I hear a siren. Sound surrounds us. It impacts us immediately and long-term.

Sound: sound is not just physical. It is also how we emotionally, mentally or rationally view things. When we hear in our minds something about it causes us to consider what we have heard. It is no longer just in our ear, it is in our mind. We may say “what they said about me hurts,” or “let me think about what she said,” or rationally we can hear a statement and say “I need to consider this.” All these are produced by sound.

Sound: just a Word but one that affects us every day. Have you heard that you are loved? Jesus loves you. Your parents love you. Your spouse loves you. Your family loves you. This sound is physical, emotional, mental and rational.

Hear the sound of truth and reply with sounds of Love to others.

John Thrower
The Family Vision