Just a Word: Touch

Look out for this feature every Wednesday!

Touch: just a word.

Touch: to perceive, experience or explore the nature of something.

Touch: the power of touch is vital to our human experience. It is the soft stroking to calm a baby. It is the encouragement of your father grasping your shoulder and saying “good job.” It may be the quick pull on your arm to keep you from harm. It is all experience and the touch of someone leaves a deep impression.

Touch: can bring music from static strings to produce pleasing and harmonious sounds. I think that we can produce beautiful things in a person’s life by the physical touch as well as the emotional touch. Each life needs to be touched. How we do it depends on the relationship. Some are physical, most are relational. Take the time today to touch someone’s life. You may be the only one.

Touch: I want to impact others by touching their life. My goal is to know people and know who they are. What is their name? Remembering a person’s name touches them. You have recognized who they are. That is a strong touch. If you know of a need, fulfill it if you can. That is a touch that will be felt for a lifetime. Each of us desires to be touched by someone.

Touch: just a Word, but one that affects us every day. Jesus healed some by physical touching. He healed others by speaking, still touching their life. He heals us by forgiving us of our sin. I remember the lyrics of an old song:

“He touched me, oh He touched me,
“And oh the joy that floods my soul!
“Something happened and now I know,
“He touched me and made me whole.”

Experience the touch of Jesus and touch another’s life today.


John Thrower
The Family Vision