Just a Word: Peace

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Peace: just a word.

Peace: the condition that exists when nations and other groups are not fighting. It is a state of calm. It is also friendly relations with others. Freedom from noise, worries, troubles and fears.

Peace: it is an elusive and hard-to-manage condition and feeling. Ever since the fall of mankind there has been strife and war. In a home, we seek peace with our spouse and children and extended family. It is important that we do all we can to be peacemakers. Still our best efforts can fail. Families have strife; they experience conflict and disagreement. Strife and disagreement can be a starting point to find peace if we seek it.

Peace: Jesus is called the Prince of Peace. His life was not always agreeable to others. His life caused great strife to a lost culture. However, His life was one that taught how to be peaceable and to bridge gaps whenever possible. The Peace we most need comes from forgiveness of our sins through Jesus. This is the beginning of Peace in all relationships.

Peace: a calm that is found in quietness. Why do folks seek solace in the woods, the lake, the ocean, a place of solitude when they need to sort things out to think? Because there one can reflect; one can hear one’s heart and mind and evaluate the situation around them. We often say, “it was so peaceful being alone.” Quietness is a good friend.

Peace: just a word, one that we use every day. I want to live peaceably among others as far as is possible with me. You do not have to be stepped on or abused. That is unacceptable. However, there are many things that can be done to create a peaceful attitude and lifestyle. Challenge yourself today to make peace with someone. You will be blessed to know that they are likely seeking the same peace.

Peace: do not underestimate its value in your life.

John Thrower
The Family Vision