Just a Word: Freedom

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Freedom: just a word.

Freedom: freedom is not just a word. It is the embodiment of personal liberty, of not being a slave or a prisoner. Freedom allows us civil rights, freedom of expression, of speech, of assembly, of religion, and of the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom: is given by God to all men. Not all people are free in this world, but that is the bondage of human government—not of God. Jesus came to this world to set the captives free. He came to give us freedom from the bondage and penalty of our sins. Jesus sets us free indeed.

Freedom: it can be abused. People can use freedom to eliminate laws that are designed to preserve freedom. Hateful hearts can seek to destroy the beautiful history of freedom.

Freedom: today, I live as free man in a free country. I salute the United States flag as a symbol of freedom. I live in the salvation of Jesus as one redeemed from sin. I respect the rights and freedoms of others even when I disagree, because we all have freedom.

Freedom: as we celebrate American independence use your freedom to shake the hand of someone and embrace freedom.

John Thrower
The Family Vision