Just a Word: Freedom

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Freedom: just a word.

Freedom: freedom is not just a word. It is the embodiment of personal liberty, of not being a slave or a prisoner. Freedom allows us civil rights, freedom of expression, of speech, of assembly, of religion, and of the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom: is given by God to all men. Not all people are free in this world, but that is the bondage of human government—not of God. Jesus came to this world to set the captives free. He came to give us freedom from the bondage and penalty of our sins. Jesus sets us free indeed.

Freedom: it can be abused. People can use freedom to eliminate laws that are designed to preserve freedom. Hateful hearts can seek to destroy the beautiful history of freedom.

Freedom: today, I live as free man in a free country. I salute the United States flag as a symbol of freedom. I live in the salvation of Jesus as one redeemed from sin. I respect the rights and freedoms of others even when I disagree, because we all have freedom.

Freedom: as we celebrate American independence use your freedom to shake the hand of someone and embrace freedom.

John Thrower
The Family Vision

Just a Word: Time

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Time: just a word.

Time: the physical quantity measured by clocks. It is the duration marking the beginning and the end of an event, a week, month, year or lifetime.

Time: it is most elusive and fleeting. Although time is infinite, it is also finite. Sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in an hour, twenty-four hours in a day. It is always the same and never varies. It can never be added to; it only goes away.

Time: as it passes, it reveals much about our life. The time we have with family and friends reduces each passing minute. This is not to be feared or to cause sadness. Rather it is given as a gift to be used wisely and productively. God has given us this time, in this place, for His purpose. I am grateful for the time I have been given and desire to use the remaining days or years for God’s plan for my life.

Time: did you know that there are 1,040 weeks in 20 years? I have considered this many times. Look at the time we have with our children, from birth to age 20. We get 1,040 weeks to impact them for good. We care for their needs, love them, kiss them and teach them. 1,040 weeks seems like a long time. But it is very short and must be used wisely. You do not a get a do-over week. However, you can make each new week a better week.

Time: it can be a best friend, or a worst enemy. I need time as my friend. It is my prayer to redeem the time I have and have a God-honoring life.

John Thrower
The Family Vision

Just a Word: Learn

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Learn: just a word.

Learn: to acquire knowledge of, or skill in, by study, instruction, practice or experience.

Learn: from the moment of birth we learn. We learn of our surroundings, comfort and pain, hunger and satisfaction, love and kindness and a multitude of experiences throughout life. Learning never ceases. As children we learn in our schooling. Study and instruction prepare us for being productive adults, and we acquire skills to provide a living for ourselves and others.

Learn: it has been said that experience is the best teacher. I have to agree. The experiences in my life have formed and continue to form who I am. Acquired knowledge and skills have been profitable, but experience is what guides me. Some experiences I would rather not have had. Others, I could never give enough to have had them.

Learn: in order to learn through knowledge, skill or experience, we must be willing to learn. We must be willing to excel as well as to fail. We must be able to recognize and take account of the things we learn.

Learn: as we learn, it is important to pass on the things we have knowledge and experience of to others. Learning must turn into teaching so that we can impact those around us in a positive and edifying manner.

Learn: make today a day of greater knowledge and experience.

John Thrower
The Family Vision

Just a Word: Friend

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Friend: just a word.

Friend: someone that you hold in close affection, who freely supports you and helps out of goodwill.

Friend: the person that has a friend is very fortunate. A friend is the person that you can talk to, share your heart with and depend upon in good times and in adversity. A spouse is a friend of the deepest level. Most of us have many acquaintances, but few close friends. That is how it should be. Relationships can be very fragile, but a friend is forgiving, clear and caring.

Friend: Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He knows us and supports us. Jesus is the friend that lay down His life for another, for you and me. Hold fast to Him as your friend.

Friend: to be a friend, one must show himself to be friendly. Friendship is not a one-sided relationship. It is multi-faceted and dynamic. A friend brings joy and companionship because of a mutual warm relationship.

Friend: seek friendship. I have had a specific friend since I was 12 years old. For 50 years we have been close; even though distance and life have separated us from time to time, we still pick up as if we saw each other last week. A friend is what we all need.

Friend: value a friend as choice gold.

John Thrower
The Family Vision

Just a Word: Peace

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Peace: just a word.

Peace: the condition that exists when nations and other groups are not fighting. It is a state of calm. It is also friendly relations with others. Freedom from noise, worries, troubles and fears.

Peace: it is an elusive and hard-to-manage condition and feeling. Ever since the fall of mankind there has been strife and war. In a home, we seek peace with our spouse and children and extended family. It is important that we do all we can to be peacemakers. Still our best efforts can fail. Families have strife; they experience conflict and disagreement. Strife and disagreement can be a starting point to find peace if we seek it.

Peace: Jesus is called the Prince of Peace. His life was not always agreeable to others. His life caused great strife to a lost culture. However, His life was one that taught how to be peaceable and to bridge gaps whenever possible. The Peace we most need comes from forgiveness of our sins through Jesus. This is the beginning of Peace in all relationships.

Peace: a calm that is found in quietness. Why do folks seek solace in the woods, the lake, the ocean, a place of solitude when they need to sort things out to think? Because there one can reflect; one can hear one’s heart and mind and evaluate the situation around them. We often say, “it was so peaceful being alone.” Quietness is a good friend.

Peace: just a word, one that we use every day. I want to live peaceably among others as far as is possible with me. You do not have to be stepped on or abused. That is unacceptable. However, there are many things that can be done to create a peaceful attitude and lifestyle. Challenge yourself today to make peace with someone. You will be blessed to know that they are likely seeking the same peace.

Peace: do not underestimate its value in your life.

John Thrower
The Family Vision

Just a Word: Taste

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Taste: just a word.

Taste: the sense which perceives and distinguishes between salt, bitter, sour and sweet. Discernment, what one likes and has an attraction to.

Taste: It is a powerful sense. Pickles make you pucker; chocolate makes you smile; horseradish throws your head back. Taste is an experience that lingers and stays in your mind forever. Taste: every day we enjoy something or reject something based on taste.

Taste: I like jazz music, rock music, bluegrass music; many forms of music attract my taste. Some forms I reject. Some forms are not tasteful to my musical palate. Now if we talk about food, there is very little that I find outside of my taste. I have my own taste in music based on a subjective taste. Now food is different. My taste buds dictate what I like and do not like. Still it is subjective.

Taste: a pleasure. The Word of God says, “O taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man that trusteth in him” (Psalm 34:8). This is a taste that comes from the spirit. It is not from the physical. Still, the understanding of taste is well understood. Taste the goodness of God. Experience the sweetness of a relationship that surpasses all others.

Taste: just a word, one that we use every day. Life is full of tastes. I was attracted to my wife because of my taste in beauty. I like cheesecake because of my taste in sweets. I like certain styles of clothing because of my taste in fashion.

Taste: do not underestimate its value in your life.

John Thrower
The Family Vision

Just a Word: Touch

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Touch: just a word.

Touch: to perceive, experience or explore the nature of something.

Touch: the power of touch is vital to our human experience. It is the soft stroking to calm a baby. It is the encouragement of your father grasping your shoulder and saying “good job.” It may be the quick pull on your arm to keep you from harm. It is all experience and the touch of someone leaves a deep impression.

Touch: can bring music from static strings to produce pleasing and harmonious sounds. I think that we can produce beautiful things in a person’s life by the physical touch as well as the emotional touch. Each life needs to be touched. How we do it depends on the relationship. Some are physical, most are relational. Take the time today to touch someone’s life. You may be the only one.

Touch: I want to impact others by touching their life. My goal is to know people and know who they are. What is their name? Remembering a person’s name touches them. You have recognized who they are. That is a strong touch. If you know of a need, fulfill it if you can. That is a touch that will be felt for a lifetime. Each of us desires to be touched by someone.

Touch: just a Word, but one that affects us every day. Jesus healed some by physical touching. He healed others by speaking, still touching their life. He heals us by forgiving us of our sin. I remember the lyrics of an old song:

“He touched me, oh He touched me,
“And oh the joy that floods my soul!
“Something happened and now I know,
“He touched me and made me whole.”

Experience the touch of Jesus and touch another’s life today.


John Thrower
The Family Vision

Just a Word: Sound

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Sound: just a word.

Sound: the sensation when the brain interprets within the ear caused by vibrations within the ear or the ability to hear.

Sound: the power of hearing. Sound is a most advanced aspect of our life from which we experience hearing. The vibration of small bones within our ear canal produces an interpretation to our brain of the vibrations into a recognizable sound. This gift of sound and hearing is important. I can hear an alarm, a kitten purring, a whisper, a clang, a thunderstorm or a soft breeze. The sounds we hear teach us about the world around us.

Sound: leaves an impression on our life. I heard the sound of my first child crying as a newborn. It was unmistakable, and I still react when I hear a baby cry. I look into the sky when I hear an airplane; I pull over to the side of the road when I hear a siren. Sound surrounds us. It impacts us immediately and long-term.

Sound: sound is not just physical. It is also how we emotionally, mentally or rationally view things. When we hear in our minds something about it causes us to consider what we have heard. It is no longer just in our ear, it is in our mind. We may say “what they said about me hurts,” or “let me think about what she said,” or rationally we can hear a statement and say “I need to consider this.” All these are produced by sound.

Sound: just a Word but one that affects us every day. Have you heard that you are loved? Jesus loves you. Your parents love you. Your spouse loves you. Your family loves you. This sound is physical, emotional, mental and rational.

Hear the sound of truth and reply with sounds of Love to others.

John Thrower
The Family Vision

Just a Word: Sight

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Sight: just a word.

Sight: the power of seeing; the act of seeing; a way of considering something in one’s own mind.

Sight: the power of seeing. Power in that we can look at our surroundings. We can experience the dark from the light. We can judge distance by sight. Life is full of sight and necessary. It is so often taken for granted. I wear glasses. I need my glasses for sight; without them my vision is blurry and diminished. My mother was blind in one eye since a four-year-old child. She lived in fear of losing her other eye. She wanted to see; she wanted to experience a life of sight. She recognized that sight is power.

Sight: the act of seeing. It is accepted as a fact for most of us. We open our eyes with the daylight and close them with the fall of night. It is an act. We hear a sound and we look at the direction hoping to clarify what we heard. An eyewitness is one that will trust his or her judgement based on the act of seeing. There is an expression, “seeing is believing.” It is the act that we use as proof of life and truth.

Sight: how we consider something in our own minds. Have you ever said “how I see it”? Have you ever made a scenario in your own mind of what happened in a situation? We all have. We see what we want to see. We believe what we want to. Sight of the mind and conscience comes from God. Our eyes can deceive us. God’s Word leads us into truth and life and sight. Jesus opened the eyes of the blind—not just physically but also spiritually.

Seek God’s sight; seek His insight; look into His foresight.

John Thrower
The Family Vision

Just a Word: Generations

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Generation: just a word.

Generation: a period of time, 25-30 years, roughly corresponding to the age of parents when their children are born. Producing or being produced.

Generations (plural): not just now for our children, but for our children’s children, and for their children to come. TFV is committed to generations. What we do today will impact our children, grandchildren, great- and even great-great-grandchildren. Forward thinking is required. The difficulties of today are not to be compared to the hope and joy of tomorrow.

Generations: looking backward. Who were your ancestors? What did they do? Do you have pictures of them? Do you ever think about your lineage? Generations is not about now; it is about past, present and future. Point backward, point upward, and point outward. We are the people and the space in time for 100 years or more in the future.

Generations: producing or being produced. Thinking of who I am, what I am, who will follow me, and whether I can be followed—difficult questions for sure. Yet today, we are each producing. We are producing fruit, offspring, progeny, legacy—pointing to eternity. Through faith in Jesus, I want to produce, in my small way, generations that will be strong in faith, strong in compassion and strong in family. Generations!

Today, commit to living a legacy life for multi-generations.

John Thrower
The Family Vision