What Are Your Plans for Homeschool Convention Season?

What Are Your Plans for Homeschool Convention Season?

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It’s March and that means homeschool convention season is here! When I started homeschooling, these events were such a lifesaver. Even now, 12 years into my homeschooling journey, I still gain so much out of them: curriculum ideas, fun activities and events for the kids, curriculum sales, and not to mention the inspiring speaker sessions that are led by various homeschool icons.

I’ve created this homeschool conventions 101 list below that gives you a bit of background info on these hugely resourceful events:

Homeschool conventions take place in states all throughout the country, so you are likely to find one near you. The first one I attended was near my home in Atlanta.

Although you can find conventions for specific religions or geographic areas, there are also secular and inclusive conventions that appeal to families from all walks of life.

The larger conventions usually charge a registration fee and the cost varies depending on what’s included, such as kids’ activities and other special events.

Attendees can receive discounts on area hotels. This allows you to stay close to all the action and sometimes even walk right over to the vendor hall.

If you can’t make it to any of this year’s conventions, don’t worry! You can still reap the benefits from the comfort of your home.  Head over to the Time4Learning blog to read our tips and check out the video that was recorded of another homeschool mom offering tips and advice for those of you that won’t be able to make it.

– Katie, homeschooling mom of 2 boys

TFV Summer Report

Date Line: August 9, 2018

Hi, this is John Thrower! Here is a quick TFV Summer Report:

The Summer Reading Program had 220 participants! I am very happy with the readers!

We had strong community support from Lowe’s, Target, St. Louis Art Museum, Chick-fil-A, Home Depot, Central District Fire and Rescue, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Valenti’s Market, Costco and McAlister’s Deli.

Introduction to Residential Plumbing, June-July: 22 students

How-to Thursday, How to Bake Cup Cakes, June 21: 70+ participants. Sweet time indeed!

How-to Thursday, How to Crochet, July 26: 25 students!

How-to Thursday, How to Change Oil and a Tire, August 9: 20+ students!

We honored our Hometown Heroes on July 27! More than 50 Chick-fil-A sandwiches were served.

TFV had two movie matinees, on June 15 and July 6.

It was a GREAT SUMMER! Check us out for fall events!

The Family Vision is committed to our mission of Faithfully Equipping Generations. Psalm 78: 1-7

Consignment Notice

Now through February 2018, TFV is temporarily suspending drop-off of new consignment. We will resume accepting consignment on March 1, 2018. Thank you for your patience and your support.

Consignment Policy Update

Attention consignors! Effective January 1, two important changes are coming to our consignment policy. First, the consignment settlement split will now be 50%. Second, all materials accepted for consignment become the property of The Family Vision; unsold items will not be returned.

We appreciate your understanding as we implement these changes. We are committed to providing the best service possible to you, our patrons, and to continuing our mission of Faithfully Equipping Generations into the future.

TFV South County Closing

It is with sincere regret that we inform you that The Family Vision South County will be forced to cease its library lending services. We knew when we opened 18 months ago that it would be difficult to maintain two locations without greater financial support from the community. Our current landlord has dealt with us very generously, but he could not continue giving us the space at such a steeply discounted rate. This forced us to look at other lease possibilities, but our financial situation simply cannot sustain two locations at this time. As a result, the Board of Directors of The Family Vision has voted to close our South County location, located at 1387 Covington Manor Lane. Friday, September 15, 2017, will be our last day of operations.

The nature of a lending library requires us to have a few “deadline” dates so that we can smoothly end operations and prepare for packing and moving.  The following dates will be important as you borrow and return books to The Family Vision: South County.

Friday, September 1: The Final Day that books can be borrowed or renewed from our South County location. The South County location will not renew or lend items after this date; however, you can still borrow, renew, and return items through our St. Peters location.

Friday, September 15: All books that have been borrowed can be returned to either our South County location or our St. Peters location up to this date. After this date, all renewals must be made through our St. Peters location. After this date, all returns must be made to the St. Peters location. Fees will be assessed on all late items as per our usual policy. As the St. Peters location will remain open, you can continue utilizing all of our services there if you wish.

Tuesday, September 5 through Friday, September 15: These two weeks will be used to organize, pack, and move. Most of our furnishings will be sold. If you know of ministries, businesses, schools, or churches that need furniture, please feel free to have them call us.

If you have any questions, please call Jamie Stull @ 314-939-1222 or John Thrower @ 636-447-6900.

Special Offer for Missouri Homeschool Convention!

This discount is available only from TFV! The Missouri Homeschool Convention is coming up on July 13-15! Now through July 3, save $10 on new registrations when you use coupon code “mo-2017-thrower”! To sign up now, follow this link: www.missourihomeschoolconvention.com Click the red “Attend” button on the right and the website will walk you through the process. Once your registration is in the cart, enter the coupon code “mo-2017-thrower” and your $10 discount will be applied!

New Hours

Effective Monday, April 3, TFV will be open Monday through Friday, 9 AM-5 PM, and will be closed evenings and weekends. This is due to some restructuring this year. Please stay tuned for future ministry news!